Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: reclaiming "blubby"

Jul 1, 2019

Credit Prøve Gallery

You have until midnight to submit your work to the Prøve Gallery's You Don't Know Me exhibition.  The exhibit will open with a reception on Friday, July 19.

Credit Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota/Facebook

Meanwhile Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota are sponsoring the third Duluth Youth Creative Challenge at their downtown retail center.  The exhibit will be up this week, featuring the work of artists aged 5-16.

Credit Heidi Blunt

Then Saturday, Prøve Gallery plays host to a two-day pop-up event by artist Heidi Blunt called Blubby Clubhouse, an experimental installation featuring Heidi’s paintings of rounded fat bodies (called “blubbies”) and her “more is more” mentality.