Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: showing artists the love from a polite social distance

Mar 16, 2020

Credit Lukas Blazek/Unsplash

The best part about working from home, beyond a doubt, is getting to pick the radio station, all day, every day.  

Amy Rice "You Can Nap Anywhere When You Are A Bear"
Credit Amy Rice

The second-best part is all the wonderful stuff available to you online: everything from museums offering virtual tours, to art you can print off and color, to online courses you can take for free.

And of course, if you're temporarily done with looking at art and creating art, you can always read about art: maybe something like Leap by Terry Tempest Williams.

And if you're an artist (or care about one) you'll want to make sure they check out this link at Springboard for the Arts. There is information and resources there for artists who may be struggling with cancelled or postponed opportunities or performances due to coronavirus precautionary measures.