Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: turning straw into gold and garbage into art

Apr 5, 2021

Credit Tim White/Facebook

Virtual opportunities to enjoy art abound again this week with a couple of in-person chances as well.

A Warm Reset is still up at the Joseph Nease Gallery, and Saturday at 1:00pm, there will be a Meet the Artists event.  You do need to register in advance for a designated viewing time; more information about that is available on their Facebook page.


Credit Geneva Vanderzeil/Flickr

Friday, the Nordic Center is offering folks the opportunity to enjoy their Himmeli: From Finland to Minnesota with Mary Erickson exhibit either in-person or virtually.

Mary Erickson and Alison Aune will be talking about the resurgence in interest in this Scandinavian folk art (this is an interesting web site) of creating geometric mobiles from rye or wheat straw.

From Mariah Reading's "Recycled Landscapes"
Credit Mariah Reading Art/mariahreadingart.com

Mariah Reading is a hiker and self-described eco-artist who operates on a completely different level.

She "creates impressionist paintings on trash in order to depict the harms of pollution and climate change," and you will absolutely want to check out the galleries on her website.

From Mariah Reading's Recycled Landscapes
Credit Mariah Reading Art/mariahreadingart.com