Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: Where IS art? In the object itself or in the process of the maker?

Mar 1, 2021

Credit Bryan Hansel Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Photographer Bryan Hansel is sharing some of knowledge through a series of online photography courses, thanks to a grant from the Arrowhead Regional Council on the Arts ... you can find out more about the Master the Basic Craft of Photography Online Class here.

Credit IMDb

One of the oldest galleries in America shuttered its doors after selling $80 million worth of fake art.

You can find out more about the documentary made about the case - and watch it on Netflix.  It's called Made You Look: a True Story About Fake Art.

Credit Nik Nerbern

Nik Nerburn's new book is out -- and sold out.  His collection of photographs and interviews about Duluth's West End is called The Old West End, and you can find out more about it - including when the second printing might be available - here.