Where's Art: learn about darkrooms, typestyles, trees this week - and have coffee!

Sep 30, 2019

These young photographers may be lecturing you about "the good old days of film" before long.  The Duluth Art Institute's public darkroom will be getting a workout when the Youth Film Photography Club gets snappy Wednesday at 5:30pm

Words matter; but so does their color and what they look like.  Blackbird Revolt hosts another graphic design workshop for the community Friday from 10am to noon, this time focusing on typography and color.

Artist Kristen Anderson and John Zasada (retired from the U.S. Forest Service) will present a variety of "tree tales" when their exhibit Overstories opens at the Duluth Folk School on Friday.

Put your insomniato use - or kick that annoying "morning person" out of the house early Sunday (October 6) and send them to the Fall PhotoMeet at Glensheen.  It starts at 6:30am and there's even coffee!