Where's Art: "terroir: what in nature makes something the way it is"

Nov 30, 2020

You might think of "terroir" in terms of wine: it's the "combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight that gives wine grapes their distinctive character," according to Merriam-Webster.

But Annie Dugan says art is what makes our Northland "the way it is," and she's encouraging folks to look for the work of local artists as they head into gift-giving season. 

Robin Wall Kimmerer
Credit Dale Kakkak/Facebook

The Minnesota Institute of Art is gifting us with a talk by Robin Wall Kimmerer Friday at noon via Zoom. It will be followed by a self-guided tour through Mia’s collection "looking at the relationship between artists and nature, and consider how art can connect us to our shared humanity."

Credit Kelly Schamberger/Facebook

Then in connection with that "local artists" thing Annie was talking about, Kelly Schamberger, a recent graduate of the Great Lakes Academy, will hold a virtual art opening of Just the Beginning: Virtual Art Exhibition on Saturday at 5pm.