Where's Art: "Under the Surface" and a surfeit of Murphys

Oct 1, 2018

An image from "Under the Surface-A Photographic Journey of Hope and Healing"
Credit ©Northwest Passage

 Under the Surface-A Photographic Journey of Hope and Healing opened yesterday at the Great Lakes Aquarium.  It's the result of a project that uses diving and underwater photography as therapy at a residential treatment center in Webster, WI.

"The Story" 24" x 24"Credit Adam SwansonEdit | Remove

Painter Adam Swanson talks about his recent experiences as the artist-in-residence about the Falkor tomorrow night at Beaner's Central.

About this painting, Adam writes:

My eighth and final painting aboard the glorious R/V Falkor. Working as artist in resident on the Falkor was an amazing experience I will never forget.


Virago opens Thursday at UWS's Kruk Gallery, an exploration of "female identity in its raw and dualistic potentialities." The show is the work of Sarah Riley, Jillian Dollars, and Chelsey Rae.

Scott Murphy focuses on a portion of a larger mural in this piece called "Detail with Mr. Moose"
Credit Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy and (no relation) Robin Murphy also open a show Thursday evening at Lizzards Gallery.

Ceramic by Robin Murphy from "Clay Stories"
Credit Robin Murphy