"You haven't escaped it by something you did; you escaped it simply by luck."

Oct 19, 2018

Credit Mobilus In Mobili/Flickr

Sarah Super was in a hospital bed awaiting the completion of her "rape kit": the forensic exam to collect evidence after a sexual assault.

Her ex-boyfriend had broken into her apartment and raped her at gunpoint, and Super realized there was no one she knew who would understand what she'd been through if she tried to tell them.

Almost four years later, Super has founded an organization called Break the Silence to give survivors of sexual assault a way to support other survivors.

But she is pointed in her message to survivors who aren't ready to share their story yet.

"Survivors owe people nothing," she says flatly. "The nature of being assaulted is to be forced to do something against your will; to do something that doesn't feel right for you.  So we don't want to replicate that same experience through the ask for story- or truth-telling."

More information about Break the Silence is available at breakthesilence.org.