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The Hunt for the Frozen 45 Has Ended 2/18

Feb 18, 2021

The Frozen 45 has been found! Clue-sleuthing-sophomore Victoria put her campus knowledge and our hints together to find the Frozen 45, hidden under one of the six planters outside of the Greenhouse.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this year's hunt despite the fridged temps and a special shoutout to UMD Bathroom Reviews for partnering with us this year! 

Take a peek at all the clues on The Basement's Instagram to see if you would have found the Frozen 45! 

The Hunt for the Frozen Has Begun! 2/14

Feb 9, 2021
hunt for the frozen 45
Emma Rothwell

The Hunt for the Frozen 45 officially begins this Sunday, February 14! Will you be the one to find it? 

Joan of Arc Album
Joan of Arc

This week’s Featured Album on the Basement is the 24th and final album from Joan of Arc, Tim Melina Theo Bobby.

High Water Marks
High Water Marks

I’ll be honest - this wasn’t the record I was expecting in 2020.

If you’re new to the High Water Marks, the group was created in 2003 by Hilarie Sidney (co-founder and ex-drummer of the Apples in Stereo) and her husband Per Ole Bratset. Before Ecstasy Rhymes, the group has released two studio albums, 2004’s Songs About The Ocean, and 2007’s Polar. 

Basement Featured Album of the Week: HEALTH's DISCO4

Nov 18, 2020

This week’s Featured Album on the Basement is the new HEALTH record, DISCO4 :: PART I.

Fleet Foxes Shore
Fleet Foxes

The newest release of Fleet Foxes, ‘Shore’, is everything fans have been holding tight for. It has the distinct mark of the band, be it the swinging vocals, or hearty guitar work, it will all seem familiar to fans of the group since they first came out of Seattle in 2006. The opening, ‘Wading in Waist-High Water’, is a smooth, soulful beginning of a smooth, soulful album. Each song transitions seamlessly to the next. Those searching for singles can jump right into ‘Can I Believe You’, a track that reminds everyone why a group like Fleet Foxes has dominated the indie rock scene for so long.

Down in The Weeds
Down in the Weeds

The tenth studio album by Bright Eyes is one that few would have expected to hear in 2020 after Connor Oburst said that The People’s Key (2011) would be the band’s last release, but after nearly a decade, and a large mess of current public and personal events, this album is a warm welcome back for the band.

Basement Featured Album of the Week: IDLES' Ultra Mono

Oct 19, 2020
IDLES Ultra Mono

Not many bands are both as brash as they are positive as IDLES, and their newest release Ultra Mono is no different. They continue their streak of defeating social norms in a volatile, yet meaningful way; angry chants of anti-war kick off the album, and it refuses to slow down from there. They are not burdened by the meager criticisms of their critics, who say that the band churns out too many cliches. Joe Talbot approaches this criticism head-on, by releasing the single ‘Mr. Motivator’, a song all about cliches that make no sense.

Basement Featured Album of the Week: Bully's SUGAREGG

Oct 12, 2020
Bully's Sugaregg
Bully's Sugaregg

The featured album of the week is the grunge album SUGAREGG by Nashville based artist Bully. This third installment in the band’s strong, emotionally driven discography was brought into existence by the singer, songwriter, engineer, and producer of the band, Alicia Bognano. Bully began in Rosemount, Minnesota in 2015, and Bognano has always been the mind behind the music and lyrics; but SUGAREGG now marks the first time that she has worked under the bands name entirely as a solo entity.

Kid A

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release, this week’s Featured Album on the Basement is
Radiohead’s Kid A.

The Avalanches'
The Avalanches'

This week’s Featured Album of the Week on the Basement is The Avalanches’ debut record,Since I Left You. This album was picked for this week in anticipation of the new Avalanchesalbum, We Will Always Love You, which was announced earlier this month and is the follow-upto their 2016 comeback album Wildflower. 

Protean Threat
Thee Oh Sees

Tune in to the Basement every week for our latest Album of the Week selection. This week we're featuring Thee Oh Sees new one, Protean Threat.

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KUMD Album Review: Real Estate-The Main Thing

Apr 17, 2020

Real Estate, the indie rock/dream pop band from New Jersey, is back with their latest album, The Main Thing, released February 28. With five albums spanning eleven years, Real Estate has proven themselves to be prolific and consistent.

KUMD Album Review: FKA Twigs-MAGDALENE

Apr 4, 2020

In her third studio album, FKA Twigs proves her ability to hold her own among the greats of her generation. Twigs built a following with her LP1 and LP2 album releases. On MAGDALENE, she improves upon all her genre-bending abilities, delivering a polished and cohesive effort.