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Live performance and interviews with local, regional, and national artists.

Live from Studio A on KUMD is made possible by Ampers and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.


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Excuse Me Princess

Listen to our session with local band Excuse Me Princess from November 18, 2011. They will performing at Beaner's on November 26, as well as releasing their new CD.

Excuse Me Princess


Ryan Van Slooten

Listen to our session with this rock singer/songwriter Ryan Van Slooten from October, 21

Ryan Van Slooten

Listen to our session with this beautiful cellist singer-songwriter from September 14, 2011. Lindsay is originally from Iowa and is known for strapping her cello to her chest and picking as if it's a guitar.

Lindsay Mac

Saint Anyway

Listen to our session from Friday, August 26, 2011 with this acoustic-folk trio originally from Carlton County.

Saint Anyway

Saint Anyway myspace

Listen to our session from September 2, 2011 with this Minneapolis based indie-folk band.

The Western Ridge

Listen to our session with Duluth acoustic folk band Coyote from September 29, 2011. We talked about their forthcoming live album, recorded during their Duluth Homegrown Music Festival performance earlier in the year, and we get some insight into Marc Gartman's favorite (and least favorite) harmonica players.


Listen to our session with this Austin based violinist and singer/songwriter from July 15,2011.

Carrie Rodriguez
Carrie Rodriguez Myspace

Listen to our session with this Philadelphia musician from Wednesday, April 27. His latest album, Fixin' to Die, was produced by the Avett Brothers.

G. Love

Listen to our live session with Mark Olson from September 14, 2010.

Mark Olson

Listen to our session with Charlie Parr from Wednesday, July 28, 2010. Afterwards he played at the UMD Market Day in the Plaza.

Listen to this session with this Milwaukee singer/songwriter from Monday, April 26. He recently released his twelfth album, Letters from a Flying Machine.

The Fish Heads

Jan 14, 2010

Listen to this Live from Studio A session from February 5th, 2010 with this veteran local band whose music mixes folk, bluegrass, and rock.

Fish Heads Myspace
Fitger's Brewhouse

Listen to our live session with local folk/blues performer Charlie Parr from August 27th, 2008.