Take It With You

Saturday 10pm | Once a Month

"Take it With You" is a live radio play with music and comedy airing on KUMD  on the second Satuday of each month.  Set in a tavern on the shores of Lake Superior, the show follows Blake Thomas and a colorful group of his multi-talented pals, patrons and employees as they stumble through each 60-minute adventure filled with original music, laughs, sound effects and conversation. Performed in front of a live audience in Duluth at The Underground, it features local leaders and business owners, and musical performances by regional artists.

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Local radio theater drama "Take It With You," celebrates Halloween with murder!  From the end of last season we pick up the story where Cherry is found murdered.  Then what? Tune in to KUMD Saturday night at 10 for this one-hour griping tale from the (haunted according to some) tavern of Take it With You. 

The next live show will be performed and recorded on Tuesday October 18 at 7:30 pm at The Underground in Duluth.

Take it With You

KUMD airs Duluth's most popular live radio theater production, "Take it With You" each month, Saturday night at 10pm, the weekend before the next live show!  

This Saturday's show includes music by Blake Thomas as well as special guest Don Ness and Duluth author Tom Isbell.  This episode of "Take it With You" was recorded at The Underground in downtown Duluth in April 2015. The next live show is Tuesday May 19th at 7:30 - 9:00pm.

Take it with You

Nath Dresser

With the live performance season in hiatus, get your dose of Take it With You each month on KUMD, Saturday night at 10 pm: the second Saturday of each month.  This episode airs Saturday January 9 and shows off the quirky and talented writing that goes into this monthly local radio production.  Enjoy the musical guest Josh Harty and so much more on Take it With You.

Josh Harty

Local Radio Theater production "Take It With You," celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday with a visit to the Mayor Don Ness'  house, local beer from Bent Paddle and the music of Charlie Parr and Sarah Kruger.  Tune in to 103.3 KUMD on the second Saturday of each month at 10 p.m. following Folk Migrations for more tunes and tales from the Northland.  

November's Take it With You on KUMD

KUMD has added Duluth's most popular live radio theater production, "Take it With You" to the airwaves, once a month, on Saturday night at 10pm.  This exciting new addition debuted on the air October 2015 with a Halloween specail featuring musical guest Count This Penny. "Take it With You" is recorded once a month at The Underground in downtown Duluth.  Created by Mary Fox and Blake Thomas, they have led a band of writers, actors, local hooligans and regional musicians into a tall tale set in a tavern on Lake Superior.   Catch the program on KUMD the second Saturday of each month