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KUMD's Maija Jenson shares her conversations with Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls.

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Jeff Jarvinen

Women's Music Show host Liz continues her series of interviews with local female musicians. This time we hear from Rose Hoene and Leyla Aktekin.

Hoene's musical path started with performances in Duluth and led to time in Los Angeles working at a recording studio and at Geffen Records.

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Jeff Jarvinen

On November 19, 2017, Women's Music Show host Liz brought two local female performers, Maxi Childs and Robyn Rohweder, into the studio for a fun conversation about their time in music.

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In a year that saw the launch of Duluth's first all-female music festival, FeMNfest, we look back at a time when women weren't such a commonplace part of the music scene. Liz Minette talks with Ione Tomasetti of Iron Range band Renown and Duluth's Lorene Couture of bands Hostage and Legacy about their time in music, from their first-ever gigs to giving words of encouragement to a young Bob Dylan (then Bobby Zimmerman) after watching him get booed off the stage during a talent show to hearing their songs on the radio for the first time.

The wave of grassroots feminist organizing that built beginning in the late '70s had its origin in some unlikely places.

Women who immigrated to America from Finland - some of whom came alone - had had the right to vote since 1906, and they got right to work organizing and publishing a feminist newspaper.

The Anishinaabe had a long woman-centric tradition until the advent of the boarding schools, where women were honored in the society.

And then there's the lake and the wilderness. "It draws certain kinds of people," says author Beth Bartlett.  "It's restorative."

Grassroots Feminism

Mar 2, 2017
Beth Bartlett

UMD Women Studies Professor Beth Bartlett sat down with former Women's Music Show host Sally Larson to talk about her book "Making Waves: Grassroots Feminism in Duluth and Superior."

"The Women's Music Show: women's voices and women's song" is a long running community-hosted program on KUMD every Sunday 1-5pm.

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Women's Words on June 28, 2015 features Holly Harden reading her essay "Fourth of July."

Emilio Küffer, "Camino a la Tormenta" (modified)

Women's Words on June 21st, 2015 featured Jocelyn Pihlaja of Duluth reading her short story, "The Melody Within," about an unexpected nighttime adventure.

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Women's Words on June 14, 2015 featured Whitney Walters, Assistant Professor of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth, reading her non-fiction essay, "Valuable Skills," published May 2014 in Red Weather by Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Women's Words airs Sundays at 1:30pm and 3:30pm. Funding for Women's Words is provided by The Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Women's Words on June 7th, 2015 featured Jocelyn Pihlaja of Duluth reading her short story, "Compulsory Ignorance," about her family's experience commuting by bus in Turkey.

Women's Words on May 31, 2015 featured Holly Harden reading an excerpt from her newest book, Recipes for Gatherings from Mrs. Sundberg's Kitchen, published by Adventure Publications.

Women's Words on May 24th, 2015 featured Jocelyn Pihlaja of Duluth reading her short story, "Clicking."

Women's Words on May 17, 2015 featured Holly Harden reading a couple of excerpts from her newest book, Recipes for Gatherings from Mrs. Sundberg's Kitchen, to be published in late May by Adventure Publications.