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#MeToo Conference at UMD: Continuing - and Widening - the Conversation


Susana Pelayo-Woodward, the Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at UMD, spoke with KUMD this morning about the #MeToo Awareness: Gender, Health & Justice Conference held at UMD this past weekend. 

The conference attendees and panelists engaged in the ongoing discussion of the #MeToo movement, with topic areas including Criminal Justice and Legal Responses to Sexual Assault, Healthcare and Sexual Violence, Prevention of Sexual Assault and Advocacy on College Campuses, Dismantling Rape Culture, and concluded with the workshop "The Next Steps: A concluding exercise for conference attendees."

But this conference was by no means a one-time event.  The UMD Women's Resource and Action Center and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at UMD present an ongoing series of meetings and seminars to inform and engage both the UMD community and the regional community about issues of sexual violence and prevention, and also act as a resource for materials in support of being and advocate in the prevention of sexual violence.

Some additional resources:

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