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Flattening the kitten-curve

©Lisa Johnson

There's another curve that's worrying animal welfare people across Minnesota ...

The kitten curve.

Spay/neuter procedures, except in cases of emergency, have been deemed "non-essential" and suspended at veterinarians, spay-neuter clinics and animal shelters.

But if homeless and stray cats are allowed to breed going into the spring, come May and June, shelters - just like hospitals with COVID-19 - are going to be overwhelmed with cats and litters of kittens.

And to make matters worse, cancelled fund-raising events and limited hours of operations for many shelters means they will have fewer resources to deal with a population explosion.

You can contact Minnesota Governor Tim Walz here, and Animal Allies is suggesting text along the lines of this:

Dear Governor Walz,


We would like to request a review of the restrictions contained in Executive Orders 20-16 and 20-17 regarding spay and neuter surgeries. Humane Societies and shelters across the state are dedicated to reducing the number of stray, feral, and unwanted animals. As we enter prime breeding season for cats this is a critical time to alter animals and prevent a population spike that will overwhelm facilities and create unsafe conditions throughout our communities. We ask that you consider an exemption that will allow veterinarians to perform surgeries to neuter male cats until such restrictions can be lifted.


Thank you for acting to keep people and pets in Minnesota safe and for your consideration of our proposal.


Credit ©Lisa Johnson

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