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"There's not an actual problem happening with trans kids trying to take over sports"


Hundreds of LGBTQIA2S+ youth took issue with the Minnesota State Legislature last week, flooding their email inboxes with demands for accountability regarding House File 1657.

It's the first legislation in the nation to threaten criminal consequences for transgender students using bathrooms or taking part in school activities.

Sean Hayes (left) co-hosts a virtual session on being out and visible in the workplace, as part of Very Visible: a Trans Week of Visibility (for those who can't be).

Sean Hayes, the co-founder of Trans Plus, says when people feel as though they're losing their privilege, it can feel unfair, like they're losing rights. But he says that's no reason to criminalize kids for not fitting into "the pink or blue box" society wants to put them in.

"It's time for adults to recognize the harm we're doing to these kids."

You can find last night's conversation about being Very Visible at Work on the Trans Plus Facebook page here:

And the information about Saturday's Very Visible Storytelling session is here.

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