Affordable Housing

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Duluth's 7th annual Housing for All Summit on Wednesday will follow true to form.


Emotions were already running high at this week's Duluth City Council meeting, where councilors were, it seemed to some, pressured into taking an immediate vote on a $6.2 million-tax increment financing package for a 15-story apartment building downtown.

The Loaves and Fishes Community, AICHO, the Duluth Branch of the NAACP and other social justice groups called on the council to table the vote until they could address the issue of affordable and low-income housing.

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Duluth has more than its share of challenges when it comes to affordable housing.

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A couple of things seemed to emerge from last month's Local Solutions to End Poverty Accountability Session: Duluth's lack of housing - and the cost of the housing there is - is becoming an issue for people of all income levels in the Northland.
One solution is the creation of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund ... but where is $3 million dollars a year going to come from?

One city councilor has a suggestion - but says you didn't hear it from him.

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Minnesota's Homes for All has an ambitious ask for the state legislature this year: $140 million.

But when seniors have a home after a lifetime of work, kids have a place to do homework and employers have affordable housing to offer to new hires, the group says everyone benefits.

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Hopping on a bus because your car’s in the shop or you want to be environmentally responsible.

Cutting a rent or mortgage check at the first of the month so your family has a clean, safe home.

Picking up a group of friends or piling in your car with the family to head to the park for a day of fun.

For 75% of Duluthians, that’s everyday life.

But for the remaining 25%, the one in four families in this town who live in poverty, it’s not.

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Duluth's Comprehensive Land Use Plan was adopted 11 years ago by the City of Duluth  to put forth future considerations for land development, utility infrastructure, transportation, and parks and trails.

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Low-income Duluthians took center stage at a unique candidate forum in October.  They shared their experiences and struggles with candidates for state and county offices and then asked the candidates - pointedly - for specific commitments and actions on several critical policy measures.

Here, Shereeka Smith shares her story of fleeing the violence of Detroit and trying to make a home in Duluth.

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It costs more to build a house than it used to, but Duluth's challenging terrain makes the numbers - and your head spin.

Blasting through bedrock to put in utilities and other infrastructure can add $80 thousand dollars to a project right off the top.

Solution?  One of the ideas identified at the 2014 Housing Summit was a page right from HGTV's book: fix up, renovate and modernize aging houses and get existing, foreclosed and condemned properties back on the market.

Central Hillside
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Plenty of construction is happening in Duluth and a lot of it is new housing. But with BlueStone taking up much of the market, are there options for people looking for lower cost options? Jeff Corey, the executive director of One Roof Community Housing in Duluth spoke with us about housing options throughout Duluth.