Annie Dugan

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UMD Design students give folks a chance to see how virtual galleries work and look at the internet's favorite commodity: cute pets.

Annie Dugan is thinking a couple of thoughts she's pretty sure other people share:

1) I wonder if it will be easier to make the case for the importance of the arts and arts funding when this is over?

2) Grade-school teachers absolutely deserve three months off.

British Museum collection online

Annie Dugan's not the first teacher who's thrown out the syllabus as classes moved online.

But when she assigned her students this "mega master list" website* and asked them to find "art that quiets the mind," she didn't know how much she was going to need their results.

Incidentally, Annie writes:

Brian Barber/Draw-A-Long Fun Time

Draw-A-Long Fun Time

Self-styled "graphiquè artistè" Brian Barber says: "A couple months ago I thought about doing a very short, very silly draw-a-long type series of videos, and this seems like a heckuva good time to give it a shot. Kids are stuck at home, we need something other than Netflix to get through."

Tara Austin – Boreal Ornament III

Lukas Blazek/Unsplash

The best part about working from home, beyond a doubt, is getting to pick the radio station, all day, every day.  

Here's a roundabout you will LOVE.

Carlton County's Round About Art Tours hit the gas on Thursday, with seven venues, a chance to meet the artists, refreshments and more, all for the bargain price of ... nothing.  It's free.

They say only two things are certain in this life: death and taxidermy.  Well, something like that. 

Duluth's Lupe Linares presents a fascinating, funny look into a topic you didn't think could be either, Wednesday evening, March 4

Youth Art Closing Celebration
Today from 4:30 pm-5:30 pm

Kruk Art Gallery, Holden Fine Arts Center

UMD Art & Design: VCLS, Michael Barnes

Tomorrow (Tuesday 2/25) from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm Montague 70, UMD

Reindeer Connections

Wednesday from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Art on the Edges: Non-Conformists and Spirituality

Tomorrow (February 18) from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm at the Tweed Museum of Art

The Duluth Public Library might be closed today (President's Day) but it's in hyperdrive through the end of the month and well into March.

There are three art events this week alone:

*Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Artisan Networking at Hoops

Hosted by Superior Artisans and Hoops Brewing

Tomorrow, Tuesday 2/11, from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm

Rabbett Before Horses Premiere Screening

February 4 at 5:30 pm at the Tweed Museum of Art



February 6  from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm at AICHO

Makers Meetup Watch Party

Every Thursday until the end of February at Hoops Brewing, beginning at 7:30pm

Samuel L. Zimmerman/Facebook

Friday at 5:30 AICHO hosts the Samuel J. Zimmerman Art Opening Pop Up Event. The Journey Home Chapter 2 event will feature the artist creating, live, a portrait of a shawl dancer.

Themes and Styles in Soviet Arts

Carol Veldman Rudie  presents a lecture about Soviet era art, when artistic methods and topics were employed to shape the Soviet citizen.

 Artists experimented with these issues and forms to tell another story about their cultural environment. Veldman Rudie shares how these different streams provided a nuanced picture of artistic conflicts and visual interactions that were part of this period of art.

Isaac Erickson

Opening Reception: Metamorphose:  Annie Dugan says Sara Brokke's exhibition Metamorphose, opening Friday at the Prøve Gallery, is a "raw and vulnerable" exhibition of paintings - or as the gallery calls it, "a personal mythology." 


Artisan Tax Talk: Not many people are excited about doing their taxes, but when you combine "the artistic personality" with a fairly unstructured occupation, it can become, in the words of Annie Dugan, "daunting, confusing and surprisingly unfair."  Never fear: the Superior Artisans are here with tomorrow's Artisan Tax Talk, an evening with an artist-friendly tax expert to help answer all your questions.