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When you think about it,  it takes a lot of money to be poor.

It sucks up a lot of your hope, too.

Finding the time and paying for transportation to make the rounds of various agencies that could help you get back on your feet can seem like more roadblocks to folks trying to find a way out of poverty.

But since 1982,  Community Action Duluth has been helping.

Community Action Duluth

As back to school looms on the horizon, all kinds of people think about going back themselves.  Maybe it's to get a GED, maybe it's to learn some things about finances or home buying.

Porsha Cline and Community Action Duluth serve up evening classes, help with transportation and child care and perhaps the most important ingredient in helping folks make changes to get ahead: hope.

More information about Community Action Duluth's classes is available here.

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As Alexandra Reynolds puts it, it's "usually not a happy matter" that brings people into a courtroom.

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Caught between the conversion to filing taxes online and being unable to hire them done, folks without computers, confused by computers or just plain confused by their taxes have a variety of options for free help.

More information on

Community Action Duluth's Free Tax Site

UMD's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA)

Community Action Duluth

The ground is broken and the Seeds of Success program is pretty sure their passive-solar winter greenhouse will be up and running before Christmas.

But in the meantime, from the Lincoln Park Farmer's Market, the peak of harvest season and a whole slew of community programs and partnerships, they've got a lot - in addition to vegetables - on their plate.

Aimee Foster from Community Action Duluth talks about their efforts to collect extra and unwanted apples for making Fruit Bits, a transitional employment program that turns otherwise unused apples into healthful and affordable fruit leathers sold at local stores.

We wrap up our Community Week series on Northland Morning leading up to the MCCU Twin Ports Bridge Festival tonight in Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth.  We talk with Xavier Bell, the director of Community Engagement for Community Action Duluth.  A speech that he gave back in 2011 was a touchstone for Shane Bauer to create the Twin Ports Bridge Festival.