Arne Vainio. Used with permission.

Clean up/clean out your garden at the end of the season or leave it?

Tony Alter/Flickr

Gardeners are popping up like weeds these days.

Whether motivated by concern for food security or the time to finally pursue the interest, it seems everyone wants to be a gardener.

And nowhere is that more apparent than when you're trying to get supplies, and everything from plants to dirt to compost is all gone.

Fear not.

Unlike a lot of things, compost is something you can make in your own back yard.

Just keep the puppies out of it.

Lisa Johnson

Raking is hard on your lawn when it - and the blanket of leaves - is as wet as it is.

Luckily, there are other things you can do, like planting spring bulbs and protecting your young trees from the onslaught of deer, rabbits and sun scald.

Animal Allies and Bent Paddle Brewing Co. have teamed up to raise awareness and funds. Dr. Shawna Weaver joins us with a preview of this months event, Animals & Environment, happening at the Bent Paddle Taproom, Wednesday, July 25, 4-6pm.