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With Duluth's Animal Allies Humane Society one of the shelters leading the nation when it comes to finding homes for dogs and cats, it's easy to forget that's not the case everywhere in this country.

Former Animal Allies volunteer and 2000 East High School graduate Emily Allen is the Senior Director of PETA's Community Animal Project.

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The news that a pair of cats in New York came down with with COVID-19 and a pug in North Carolina did, too, has animal-lovers worried for the safety of our dogs and cats.

The bad news: if they're going to get it, chances are, they will get it from us.

The good news: they're probably not going to get it.

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Lassie. Rin Tin Tin.  101 Dalmations.  The Taco Bell Chihuahua.

Show an American a dog (especially on a screen) and bless their hearts, they want to adopt it.

Although dog breed fads are historically bad for dogs, it’s not out of the question that you might be captivated by a pair of two-colored eyes or a beseeching paw at the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon’s Meet the Mushers event, and wonder what it would be like to bring home a sled dog of your own.

Christina Arriaga/Rockwall Pets

16 hours. Two vans. 41 dogs.

That's 41 dogs scooped from the overcrowded Dallas Animal Services shelter and placed in temporary foster care until their transport this weekend.

Come tomorrow morning at 2am, Rockwall volunteers will climb into the vans and head north on the 16-hour trip to bring the dogs to the Northland Subaru "Love-a-Pet" event this weekend.

Forever Home: July 25

Jul 25, 2019

Colleen is a brindle mixed breed who is 2 years old. Colleen takes a little while to warm up to new people, but she bonds quickly to her "person." Colleen has some skin allergies that will require a special diet, but it doesn't seem to have a negative impact on her spirit! She is a goofy, smiley, girl with a head tilt that will charm even the toughest critics! She knows a few basic tricks and has done well in our play groups here at the shelter.

Curly is a black Toy Poodle who is 10 years old. Curly is a sweet and laid back guy. He can be a little nervous around new people and in new situations but once he has some time to get comfortable, he just wants someone to cuddle with! He would do best in a laid back environment where he can have plenty of time to get settles into his new home. 


They're not letting Riley near the woodcock chicks.

But Riley probably doesn't care; he's doing what he's been trained (or is that re-trained?) to do: find woodcocks, point 'em out, and leave the rest to the humans.

Boe is a black Labrador Retriever who is 4 years old. Boe is an exceptionally playful and friendly pup who enjoys spending his days curled up next to humans or chasing after a tennis ball. Boe loves going for walks and is ready to go on tons of adventures with his new family. 

Hi, I'm Kieva and I'm looking for a barn home! Animal Allies is seeking adopters who have a warm and safe barn, shed, or other outdoor housing that can provide cats in this program with a chance at life. These cats are altered, vaccinated, and available for $25. Although this special group of felines are not suitable indoor companions, they would be a wonderful buddy to a chicken, cow, or horse! 

Koby is a Labrador mix who is 10 years old. Koby is a sweet senior boy who is laid back but still loves to play - especially when it comes to tug of war! His previous owners said he likes other dogs, cats, toys, and people.

Frieda is a grey and white Domestic Short Hair who is 1 year old. Frieda is a sweet girl who loves to snuggle and play! She enjoys long strokes down her back, and scratches under her chin.

Pete is a black Labrador mix who is 11 years old.  Pete is a lovely gentleman looking for his retirement home where he can relax all day and be pampered! He is a laid-back dude, who still has a bit of energy in him when it comes to his favorite game tug-of-war!

Lizzie is a lilac point Siamese who is 3 years old. Lizzie is looking for a home with her best friend Nezzie

Tom Guntzberger

When you hear stories about house fires and other emergencies these days, there's usually a mention of the family pets that got out safely, too -- or didn't.

It hasn't always been that way.  Not that long ago, first responders were concerned strictly with the human lives.

Forever Home 11/1

Nov 1, 2018


Brady is a four year old Mastiff who was sadly given up by a very loving family. He is well trained, smart, and very well taken care of. He has been nothing but a gentle giant. Visit Brady at Contented Critters Animal Sanctuary.


Forever Home 9/27

Sep 27, 2018


Meet Snoopy. He is a one year old male Chihuahua mix. True to the Chihuahua nature, it takes him awhile to warm up to new people. Snoopy, however, is just an active puppy at heart who just finally needs a stable family to love him. He has been vet checked, neutered and vaccinated. Come to Contented Critters and meet this little guy.