Dr Arne Vainio

Roman Kraft

This week, what happens when you believe in someone ... even someone you don't know?

©Ivy Vainio. Used with permission.

This week, running a stop sign on the road of good intentions.

Lennart Laberenz/Flickr

This week, how sauna and löyly stitch together generations ... and tired hearts.

Lisa Johnson

This week, who could YOU call in the middle of the night and know they would pick up?

©Ivy Vainio

This week,  a chance for kids and adults to walk in both their worlds completely.

©Ivy Vainio

Giishpin bi-izhaayan kiwenz ojibwemowin gabeshiwining gidaa-gashkitoon ji-agindaman o’o ikidowinan.

Arne Vainio

"In the Spirit of Medicine" is a new feature on Northland Morning, airing for the first time Monday, May 14 at 8:00am.