Dry Conditions

Copyright John P. Richardson. Used with permission.

It's been another record-setting week in the Northland ...

September came in only 1° cooler than normal this year, but we saw less than an inch of rain, compared with the four inches or so we usually get.

That means, so far this year, September and June are going down as some of the driest on record.

Milkweeds, on the other hand, need dry conditions to form pods that then split open so they can disperse their seeds.

And another record was broken yesterday at Hawk Ridge.  They made this announcement on their social media:

©Lisa Johnson

Larry Weber's not on social media, but its tentacles reached out to him anyway so he could answer the trending question: are there more white pelicans around here than usual for this time of year?

And here's some Phenology phenology: what we were talking about last year at this time: