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Ron Boshey
Lisa Johnson

The excitement and noise that is the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon stops for a few moments at the beginning of the race, to honor John Beargrease and all the beings present. The man who offers the ceremony is Ron Boshey, the great great grandson of John Beargrease.

Ann Stead
Lisa Johnson

If visions of your own sled dog team are dancing in your head, you might want to talk to an experienced musher first to find out what you're in for. We found one in Duluth's Ann Stead. (produced by Chris Harwood).

Comfort Dog
Lisa Johnson

Stephanie Love and Blake Cazier have provided a home - and some retirement fun for the dogs and the community - through a business they say encourages "people and animal powered exploration of the outdoors."

Pat Henderson is the senior winemaker at the winery in Sonoma Valley that Jack London founded - the winery that funded the adventures he turned into books like "Call of the Wild" and "White Fang."

Bill Olson
Lisa Johnson

First time musher Bill Olson talks about his five month journey from Beargrease fan to Beargrease musher, his training, his dogs and the way his life has changed.

Dr. Linda Grover is a professor of American Indian Studies at UMD, a member of the Bois Forte band of Ojibwe, and the guest curator of the St. Louis County Historical Society's "Ojibwe Faces and Stories" exhibit. She talks about the artist, Eastman Johnson, and his partnership with the Ojibwe communities he painted.

©Pupparazzi-Companion Animal Photography

Musher, trainer and four-time Beargrease winner Jamie Nelson talks about her team, her work in the off-season, and why she doesn't mind being beaten in a race by former students.

Jason Burnett is the great-grandson of John Beargrease and an amateur historian. He talks about the insights into the man behind the legend his research has uncovered.

Jeff King, "winningest musher in the world" and keynote speaker at this year's event, talks summer training, technology and mushing and why he may run the Beargrease one of these years.