Feminist Action Collective


Becky Nelson put that question to the members of the Feminist Action Collective, and they responded with a flood of short fiction that had, in one way or another, resonated with them.

Then Nelson turned the selected works over to Kendra Carlson of Superior Shorts, and the result will be performed tonight on the Teatro stage.

At first blush, an event in Duluth for people who consider themselves "white feminists" might not make a lot of sense.

With a relatively small percentage of people of color in the community, most feminists around here are white, right?

But the Feminist Action Collective has a few well-chosen words on the subject.  "White feminism," they say, "is shorthand for mainstream feminism.  And mainstream movements are made up of - and defined by - people of privilege."

Superior Short/Facebook

The Superior Shorts series is billed as "short fiction on a theme read live on stage by local performers."

But, as usual in this town, some of the most fun is had after the show.

Many of the speakers at the Twin Ports 2018 Women's March wanted to see more inclusivity in the community and in organizing around issues of feminism and social justice.

  Trans Plus took them at their word, and the result is a joint panel discussion and community conversation tonight at the Prøve Collective.

©Ivy Vainio. Used with permission

The Feminist Action Collective was formed the day after the election in 2016.

Just over a year later, over 1700 strong, the mood has changed from one of trauma post-election to one of celebration.

And as people gathered last weekend for the Twin Ports Women's March, that celebratory feeling could be traced back to "resist" ("policies that discount our shared humanity and try to silence many community voices," says FACilitator Andrea Crouse) and "persist" (to move forward with many diverse voices for the common good").