Garden Clean-up

Lisa Johnson

Whatever you plan to do about the deer in your yard, from making them feel welcome to scooting them on down the road, Tom Kasper says you need to start doing it NOW before they get in the habit of dropping by your place for a meal.

And just like we're happy when Minnesota Governor Tim Walz tells us to go out and get some exercise, we should be delighted that Tom Kasper is telling us to get outside and start gardening.

Erda Estremera/Unsplash

Gardeners, apparently, come in one of two forms: the Oscar Madisons, who leave everything standing in their gardens, even after the first frost.  They like the idea of providing food, cover, and habitat for the little wild things in their years.

Felix Ungers, on the other hand, clear everything out of the garden and leave everything spick and span, satisfied they've not given any bad insect or plant diseases a place to overwinter.

So what should your approach be?