Ice Out

©Lisa Johnson

There's that time at the end of November where everything freezes up rock-hard and you know the deep freeze of winter has begun.

Then there is that time in the spring where all the ice lets go and everthing opens up.

This is then.

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BM1 Sayers/U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Alder

Phenologist Sparky Stensaas has been keeping journals and recording events in the natural world since he moved here in 1981. Flipping back through the pages, he saw entries for the first laker leaving Duluth under the lift bridge: 1997, March 20 ... 1999, March 17 ... 2001, March 17 ... 2002, March 21..."

But even though the Duluth Seaway Port Authority said in a news release this week* that they'll start ice-breaking next Wednesday, the first laker probably won't be leaving any time soon.