Kym Young

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Kym Young is a longtime human rights advocate in the Duluth/Superior community where she's worked for social justice and equal rights for marginalized groups.

  She's an elder, she's retired, and by her own admission, she's a vulnerable adult when it comes to COVID-19.

(l to r) Professor Terresa Hardaway (Outstanding Achievement in Academic Equality), Rachel Goodsky (Community Award for Leadership and Service) and D’Andre Robinson (Youth Leader of Excellence 2018)Credit ©Ivy VainioEdit | Remove

A teacher and business woman who is a mentor and role model for young girls.  

An Anishinabe advocate for women's rights, helping to build confidence in young women and offering support to those seeking sobriety.

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The Justice City Coalition is asking white allies and people of color to join them in a vigil and protest at Duluth and Superior City Halls, tomorrow night (Friday, July 15) beginning at 7pm.

On their web page, Together We Stand asks for a National Call to Action and writes:

So much of what is discussed about police-minority relations has been seen in dash-cam and cell phone video almost non-stop this year.  But what's it like in the Twin Ports? Where and how are we talking to each other and what still needs to be discussed?

Politics Off My Body

Public conversations about the idea of privilege are hard, and ironically, much of that is because of our proud heritage of "Minnesota Nice."  But they're important, because those with privilege and those without need to come together in a safe place, ask questions, and learn from one another.