Language Immersion

On this episode of Ojibwe Stories: Gaganoonididaa we talk with Edye Howes, Coordinator of American Indian Education for ISD 709, and Gordon Jourdain, the Lead Teacher of the Misaabekong Ojibwe Language Immersion program at Lowell Elementary School in Duluth.

  On this episode of Ojibwe Stories: Gaganoonididaa we have another conversation with Leona Wakonabo and Gerri Howard.  They grew up on the Leech Lake Reservation and currently work at the Niigaane Immersion School in Leech Lake.  They are also one of the elders working for the Ojibwemotaadidaa Adult Immersion Program.  Our discussion is about immersion approaches to language education.

This episode of Ojibwe Stories: Gaganoonididaa features Leslie Harper's keynote address from the 2013 Minnesota Indigenous Languages Symposium last September at the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel in Prior Lake. She reflects on her experiences creating the Niigaane Ojibwemowin Immersion School on the Leech Lake Reservation, now in its eleventh year.


3/17 Ojibwe Stories - Gaganoonididaa: Language Immersion Schools