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No one's particularly surprised to discover a big corporation or entity is lying to the public.

Actually, we kind of expect it.

But Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is blowing past that kind of defeatism by filing suit last summer against Big Oil, charging they knew in the '60s about climate change, deliberately lied to Minnesotans about it, and made about $775 billion dollars in the process.

The fossil fuel companies had hoped to move their case to federal court, asserting that it was a suit about climate change and most appropriately tried there.

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According to Colette Adkins, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a history, going back at least twenty years, of being unduly influenced by politics and special interests.

So the Center For Biological Diversity's senior attorney has filed suit to preserve federal protections for gray wolves and to force the agency to develop a national recovery plan for the species.

At the same time, the USFW Service is expected to put forward a proposal to remove protections for wolves "any day now."