Mary Plaster

Mary Plaster

The weather outside is frightful - well, the wind chills are.

But that means it's perfect weather for ice luminaries or, if you're Mary Plaster, maybe something more along the post-industrial plastic/wire/LED line.

Local art come roaring back this week with some live and virtual exhibitions:

First up, Jonathan Thunder and Robb Quisling open Aqua Vitae, Thursday October 8 at the Kruk Gallery on the UWS campus

Samuel L. Zimmerman/Facebook

Friday at 5:30 AICHO hosts the Samuel J. Zimmerman Art Opening Pop Up Event. The Journey Home Chapter 2 event will feature the artist creating, live, a portrait of a shawl dancer.

Mary Plaster, a Duluth artist, joins Radio Gallery to discuss her involvement in this years annual All Souls Night. All Souls Night 2013 takes place Saturday, Nov. 2nd from 6-8 p.m. at the Duluth Depot and 8-10 at Sacred Heart Music Center. Dressing in black and skeleton-wear greatly encouraged.

Mary Plaster talks about Al Souls Night in Duluth

Mary Plaster joins Radio Gallery to share her experience making papier-m?ch? puppets. She will be exhibiting her work at Beaners Central, located at 324 North Central Avenue in Duluth, MN through June with an opening on Thursday June 2nd from 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Radio Gallery 6-01-2011: Mary Plaster