Lisa Johnson

Six months ago, a group of Duluthians brought their concerns to local political candidates, asking them to take specific steps to address their issues.

Part of the Local Solutions to Poverty Candidate Forum included the commitment to a follow-up Accountability Session this spring.

In this final part of a three part report, we hear about  efforts to make transportation more accessible for people with disabilities, and the progress of Homes for All in the Minnesota Legislature.

The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) provides an economic safety net for 70,000 kids and their parents, and it hasn't seen a funding increase since 1986.

The problem is, the program is what most people think of when they think of "welfare," and it strikes right to the heart of the resentment about "subsidizing people to do nothing."

And it's just that kind of misinformation that an event this evening, sponsored by Leaders Partnering to End Poverty, is hoping to correct.

Low-income Duluthians took center stage at a unique candidate forum in October.  They shared their experiences and struggles with candidates for state and county offices and then asked the candidates - pointedly - for specific commitments and actions on several critical policy measures.

We'll be bringing you their stories and the reactions of the candidates to their requests in the weeks to come.