Mike Mayou

Lisa Johnson

Mike Mayou sits down to talk election results with Duluth's newly re-elected state representative, Jen Schultz and to look forward at what can be accomplished at the state level after the midterm elections.

We'll answer a bunch of basic journalistic questions this morning about voting - and leave a couple (appropriately) unanswered.

The Duluth City's Clerk's office has election and voting information here.  You can register online, find your polling place, take a look at a sample ballot and more.

NEC Corporation of America/Flickr

UMD student and local activist Mike Mayou sits down with Duluth for Education chair John Schwetman to talk about the Duluth Public School levy.


UMD student and local activist Mike Mayou is talking with candidates and analysts in the 8th Congressional District.  This week: Democratic candidate Joe Radinovich.

Next week, Duluth for Education weighs in on the upcoming public school levy.

Republican candidate Pete Stauber did not respond to KUMD's request for an interview.


Talking Politics is hosted by Mike Mayou, a UMD student and activist from Duluth. Over the next three weeks, hear conversations with all three Congressional District 8 candidates, starting this week with Skip Sandman.

Next week on Talking Politics, Pete Stauber, the Republican running for the congressional seat. Talking Politics next Tuesday, October 16 at 8am on Northland Morning.

March for Our Lives - Duluth/Facebook

This Saturday, students and their families along with community members all over the country plan to march to end gun violence and mass shootings

Even as details are emerging about yet another school shooting this morning (3/20/18) in Maryland,  plans to hold a march and rally in Duluth - one of eight in the 8th Congressional District - are going ahead.

More information about March For Our Lives Duluth.