Sugar on the Roof
Sugar on the Roof

This old-timey trio features Hibbing's Megan Orwig Reynolds and Jefferson Reynolds plus Twin Ports fiddler Clancy Ward. They released their debut album, Hat Drop, back in February, featuring a lively mix of originals and retro covers. We'll find out more about that release and hear some tunes when they join us for a session on Wednesday, July 28 at 2pm. They perform the same evening for Glensheen's Concerts on the Pier.

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Moors and McCumber
Moors and McCumber

Minnesota native (and Superior resident) James Moors and Kort McCumber teamed up several years ago after pursuing solo musical careers. The singer/songwriters are set to release their 8th album together, Survival, in October; we got a sneak peek when they joined us for a virtual session July 23, 2021. They perform at Enger Park Golf Course in Duluth on Saturday, July 24 and host the first annual Moors & McCumber Campout at the Historic Scott House in Carlton on July 30 and 31st.

Moors and McCumber

Minnesota Music Reviews: Kiss the Tiger

Jul 22, 2021

Kiss the Tiger makes “Vicious Kid” come alive

By Mark Nicklawske

Kiss the Tiger records sound great in a pair of headphones, but maybe the best place to hear their work is in a loud, dark bar room with hundreds of beer-soaked fans singing along to every glorious chorus.

Woman and man holding guitars standing in front of a wall of CDs in a radio studio
Christine Dean for KUMD

Rich Mattson and the Northstars released their latest album, Skylights, back in February. In addition to working on his own album, Mattson also found a way to produce other bands safely during the pandemic at his Sparta Sound Studio. We talked about the album and  Mattson and Gemberling played some tunes from it when they joined us for a session on July 16, 2021 before playing a show with the whole band at Earth Rider Brewery that evening.

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We've heard from many musicians on how the pandemic affected their lives, and now we get to hear from a different side of the music world. Daniel Norgard is one of the co-owners of Blush, a music venue in downtown Duluth, and this week on The Local Malachy spoke to Daniel about the pandemic and its effect on Blush. Listen to find out how a small DIY venue survived the pandemic.

Kiss the Tiger
Diana Albrecht.

Kiss the Tiger recently released Vicious Kid and their 3rd LP is filled with both soulful organ-driven tracks as well as some all out rock and roll edginess. Meghan Kreidler, front woman for Minneapolis based Kiss the Tiger, gave us a peek at the process of putting the album together when they joined us on The Local.

This Duluth native is releasing her ninth album, Bones, on July 1. In addition to being an accomplished violin player and vocalist, she is a visual artist, author, a Master of Yoga, and a teacher of music and yoga. Her new album was recorded during the pandemic and several songs reflect those difficult times. We found out more and heard some songs when she joined us in the studio on  June 29th.

Ida Jo

Abukhodair solo EP transitions into punk world

Jun 23, 2021
Lyla Abukhodair
Lyla Abukhodair

“I miss those loud punk shows. That was a really unique part of Duluth.” - Lyla Abukhodair, Homegrown Music Festival Field Guide , May, 2021

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Lyla Abukhodair may not have been able to dive into the Duluth punk scene during the COVID-19 pandemic but she was able to make a record filled with the stuff.

Abukhodair released her debut solo EP Your Mom Hates Me Now on June 8 - a record that promises to help bring those loud, cathartic, high-energy shows back to the Northland as fast as possible.


In May of 2020, local alt-country band Boxcar released its debut album, Cheap Hotel. They followed that up that collection of originals several months later with an album of covers spanning from Gram Parsons' "We'll Sweep out the Ashes in the Morning" to Dead Man Winter's "Destroyer." Blake Shippee of the band  joined us for a session on June 22nd to play some tunes and talk about those releases. The band will be fresh off of performing for Grandma's Marathon weekend festivities at Bayfront Park. 

Woman standing holding a guitar and woman standing holding a mandolin in front of a wall of CDs in a radio studio
Christine Dean for KUMD

This Northern Minnesota duo features Brooke Anderson, who is also a songwriter and performer in The Holy Hootenanners, and Megan Barr. They write and perform acoustically in a variety of styles, with an emphasis on harmonies. They recently released their self-titled debut album, which features 6 songs each by the two musicians.

Man smiling while taking a selfie while wearing headphones.
Michael Gay

This Minneapolis Americana musician recorded his latest album, Make it Right, in Nashville shortly before the pandemic hit. After delaying the release due to COVID, Gay is finally released it digitally on June 18. 2021 (with a vinyl release to follow). We shared our virtual session with Gay that same day and find out more about this musician, who grew up in Rochester, Minnesota and studied history before turning his focus to songwriting and performing.

Michael Gay

Minnesota Music Reviews: Superior Siren

Jun 10, 2021
Superior Siren
Superior Siren

Superior Siren EP is a quiet, haunting look at love

By Mark Nicklawske

Superior Siren - the eerie folk project created by Duluth-based artist Laura Sellner - found success in 2018 recording a self-titled debut album in a collaborative setting that evolved into a tour-de-force band. While the group project produced remarkable results, at its core was Sellner’s introspective poetry and clarion-call voice.

Tony Bennett Interview on The Local

Jun 8, 2021
Tony Bennett

This week on The Local Malachy chatted with Tony Bennett about his new album Fun's Over. Bennett fulfilled a lifelong goal ahead of this album by learning to play the drums, and played every instrument on the album. Listen to find out what he thinks of his drumming skills and to hear three songs from the new album.

Ian Alexy

The latest solo album from Ian Alexy (who also performs with his brother Teague in Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank) features his Minneapolis-based backing band, The Deserters. The title, Troubadour 21st Century, is a rootsy rock homage to the life of a modern musician. Many of the cuts on the album were released as singles during the pandemic, including "Making it Shine," which was also the title of a video series Alexy worked on during quarantine. He took the opportunity to go through 12 years of footage accumulated through his music career for the four-part series.

Headshot of a man standing in front of a rack of guitars hung on the wall
Randy Casey

In his more than 30-year career, this Minnesota native has played guitar with a wide array of performers in a wide array of genres on stages across the country. He's also released several albums of his own, including his most recent release, Record Time. He shared tunes from that album and debuted a new one when he joined us for a virtual session June 4, 2021.