When Tom and Elizabeth Peacock started Black Bears and Blueberries Publishing, one of their goals was to create Native children's books for all audiences, written and illustrated by Native writers and artists.

Minnesota Historical Society

Fort Snelling needs a name change, says the Minnesota Historical Society. That is, the historic site, not the fort itself. 

When Thomas Peacock's publisher came to him asking for a new book, they said there were plenty of books about Lake Superior, trees, rocks ...

"What's left?," thought Peacock. 

Then he looked up.

The Forever Sky is published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press.

Marcia Anderson's fascinating, gorgeously illustrated book of the art of the Ojibwe bandolier bag had its genesis in a box she opened in 1981.

(This interview was originally aired August 31, 2017)

Carl Gawboy

Niiyo-wiij-anishinaabeg or four friends, a new show in The Depot Great Hall, has opened and is up through July 24.  Minnesota artists George Morrison, Joe Geshick and Carl Gawboy each took different artistic paths with their work but their journeys as leading Ojibwe artists in the 20th century brought them together. They welcome you on this journey with them, as the fourth friend.

©Ivy Vainio

Giishpin bi-izhaayan kiwenz ojibwemowin gabeshiwining gidaa-gashkitoon ji-agindaman o’o ikidowinan.

Lorin Robinson talks about this work of historical fiction, and the modern-day pitfalls of writing across cultural lines.

"The 13: Ashi-niswi" is published by Open Books.

Listen as Linda Legarde Grover introduces her new book, "Onigamiising Seasons of an Ojibwe Year" and talks about the significance. 

Onigamiising in Ojibwe translates to, "the place of the small portage," which refers to the strip of land separating the bay and harbor near Park Point. 

Linda had written small excerpts about seasons and met with editors to create this novel.

Gordon Coons 2002

Ojibwe Artist Gordon Coons continues with his Catalyst series at Intermedia Arts, Dimensions of Indigenous with Cultural Identity Politics.  Teamed up with Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra of Xinka-Lenca, El Salvador, together their work has focused on indigenous identity, storytelling and the impact of colonizastion.  Through collaborative art and public events, they move the conversation forward in and out of the gallery setting.  You can see their current work,  up through February 4, 2017 at Intermedia Arts at 2822 Lyndale Ave S.

KUMD shared an concert on Thanksgiving with Native American musicians Sonny Johnson and Annie Humphrey in an evening of  Minnesota music and stories of shared traditions. The KUMD event Ojibwe Then & Now included a full day of events celebrating Ojibwe tradition and bringing it forward, from the youth of Remer schools performing at the traditional walleye feast  to this evening concert at Weber Music Hall. This event was supported by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and by Native Lives Matter.

Singer/songwriter, artist, member of the Leech Lake Ojibwe, former marine, and mom; Annie Humphrey is all of these things. She joined us in the studio January 8, 2016. She had a CD release show the same night at the American Indian Community Housing Organization in Duluth, with a display of her art work. Annie performed for our Ojibwe Then and Now concert last year; find the audio under "Related Content" below.

Ivy Vainio, Grand Portage Ojibwe

We wrap up our week of Minnesota Powwows with Ampers producer Britt Amundt sharing stories from the 2015 Nett Lake Spring Powwow.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this series - our Ampers Partners, KAXE, KBFT, KKWE and KOJB for sharing their stories, and acclaimed powwow photographer Ivy Vainio for sharing her work that so beautifully illustrates this series. Funding for these stories received from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. 

Ivy Vainio, Grand Portage Ojibwe

 We are sharing stories all week about Powwows in Minnesota from our Ampers Partners and this morning we bring you another story from Irish American David McDonald with an outsiders look. What holds non-native people back from crossing the bridge, attending a powwow and learning more about Ojibwe culture in Minnesota?

Ivy Vainio

  This morning we continue our series on Minnesota Powwows with a story about the evolution and history of a traditional dances.  We hear from Carlee Kuhn of KKWE on the White Earth Reservation, a partner through Ampers, Diverse Radio for Minnesota Communities.  Funding for the content in the is series is provided in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.  KUMD also extends a special thanks to local photographer Ivy Vainio for sharing her work in conjunction with this series.


Ivy Vainio, Grand Portage Ojibwe

This morning we continue our celebration of the Minnesota Powwow with the basics.  What is a powwow, what happens, who will be there and more. Here host of "The Ojibwe Way of Life" Darryl Northbird of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe reports from our Ampers partner KOJB.  Listen tomorrow for a story about traditional dances, their history and how they have evolved.