Pledge Drive


Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our $35,000 fundraising goal for this fall. Every dollar donated this month supports KUMD's music and programming, broadcasting across the Northland, and streaming online around the world.

Pledge now to support KUMD, local, independent radio for Duluth and the surrounding area. We have lots of thank-you gifts to choose from, including this 103.3fm face mask at the $60 level.

Win a Fitger's Inn Staycation

Oct 1, 2020
Fitger's Inn
Fitger's Inn


Every pledge will be automatically entered into our weekly Friday drawings to win a stay at Fitger's Inn and a $50 gift card for use in any restaurant or retail establishment in the Fitger’s complex.

Thank You, Members!

Apr 5, 2019

Thank you for donating so generously to KUMD this spring!

Your donations go to support another year of local, independent radio. Your KUMD's Homemade radio is made up of the spices of our staff, students, community volunteers, AND our listener supporters.

Didn't get a chance to pledge? Add your ingredients to the soup! Donate today, and thank you!

Every pledge made until April 4 will be automatically entered into our weekly Friday drawings to win a stay at Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior along with dinner at The Strand Waterfront at Lutsen Resort.

More info here!

©John Heino


Some things you can count on
The frayed shoe string
Will break on the morning
You are already late

The cup with the slight
Crack will shatter to pieces
When its full of morning coffee

The oatmeal will boil over
On the just-cleaned stove top

You’ll run out of dental floss
When the dark raspberry seeds
Are lodged in a most unsightly manner
Between your lovely front teeth

But you’ll turn on KUMD
And tune in to the sound of Lisa’s voice
Which always brings you back to steady

Thanks for Being a Part of the Team!

Sep 20, 2018

You helped us reach our $35,000 fundraising goal for the fall. Every dollar pledged is used to support KUMD's music and programming, broadcasting across the Northland, and streaming online around-the-world. If you missed your chance to be a part of the drive please know that your support is always welcome.

KUMD members love their KUMD tshirts and sweatshirts as thank-you gifts during membership drives, but as usual, we strike pay dirt when we give away Tom Kasper.

Thank you listener-members!

Mar 22, 2018

Thank you to all our listener members who contributed to KUMD during our Spring Membership Drive! Whether you support KUMD with an annual membership or give monthly as a sustaining member, all donations keep KUMD on the air for everyone to enjoy. If you missed the drive, it’s not too late to click and join today! KUMD is handcrafted radio made possible by you. Thank you.

Christine Dean - Support Music in the Twin-Ports

Oct 11, 2017

KUMD Music Director, Christine Dean, shares how KUMD integrates local music into everyday programming. We support musicians with over sixty Live from Studio A sessions every year. Join Team 103.3 to help cultivate music in and around the Twin-Ports.

Lisa Johnson has been broadcasting for 39 years. She provides news about our community and for our community to create great local radio along with many other experienced volunteers and staff. Support radio and news that is grounded in the Northland.

Chris Harwood- Be A Part Of The Music

Oct 11, 2017

Become a member today and support the music that matters to you on KUMD. For over 60 years, 103.3 FM has brought together legendary, local, and underground music to create playlists that you will not hear on other frequencies.

#Join Team 103.3

Oct 11, 2017

Everything we do, from the eclectic music mix to community leader interviews, happens because you chose to support KUMD. Join Team 103.3 and help us create local, hand-crafted radio, together.

We thank you, our dedicated listeners and members, for cutting our membership drive short once again.

You helped us reach out $35,000 fundraising goal, ensuring that KUMD's music and programming will broadcast across the Northland, and stream online around-the-world, for another year.

Another for-certain sign of spring is pledge drive time at KUMD -- and as always, we're offering a copy of Larry Weber's day by day look at the year, Backyard Almanac, for new and renewing members.