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When Lise Lunge-Larsen needed help finding contemporary Norwegian poetry, she didn't mess around.

She went straight to one of the most famous actors in Norway.

You can hear the complete poem, “Ord Over Grind” in its original Norwegian here.

You might be hard-pressed to name famous Finnish philosophers; in fact, people in Finland might be hard-pressed to name famous Finnish philosophers.

But there is one philosopher – of a sort – that Finns are introduced to from the time that they’re born and they carry his wisdom with them throughout their lives – through his poetry.

Long before she worked at KUMD, our former station manager, Mimmu Salmela was born and raised in Finland.  And it didn’t take her any time at all to select a reading from this poet-philosopher – however unlikely he might seem to begin with.


If you'd set out to design two language with nothing in common, English and Chinese would be a couple of great candidates. 

English belongs to the Indo-European language family and its writing system is known as “Latin script.”  Chinese, on the other hand, comes from the Syno-Tibetan language family and its written language is logographic – symbols represent the words themselves, not letters like in alphabetic systems.


UMD student Nick Beck's love affair with Italy and the Italian language began with a dream - a literal dream - about being forced into a Fiat, while everyone around him was speaking French but it was really Italian (you know how dreams go).

The irrepressable Nick Beck tells his story of refusing to speak English, heartbreak, Italian pop star Tiziano Ferro, and weeping into his coffee cup.

You can see the official video for “Ti Scatterò Una Foto” by Tiziano Ferro here.

Jennifer Brady started speaking Spanish as a child in Denver, so she could play with the other kids in her neighborhood.

But it laid the foundation for a life-changing experience a few years later ... and the discovery of her life's work.

Jennifer Brady read "Aurora" by Federico García Lorca.

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Jim Rock is a little bit starstruck.

For one thing, he's an ethnoarcheoastronomer.

For another thing, Dakota people believe they come from the star world.

And for another thing, when asked to read a poem in Dakota, Jim not only found one, he wrote another one, a love poem for his wife.

Jim read "Star Spirit" by Gabrielle Tateyuskanskan, from Beloved Child: A Dakota Way of Life by Diane Wilson.

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Lisa Fitzpatrick speaks a lot of languages.

And she loves poetry.  In fact, she was the one who originally thought of a poetry feature on KUMD, sharing poetry in different languages.

But when she started thinking about a poem to read, herself, there was only one choice for her: Turkish.

This is a poem by Aşık Veysel called "Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım"

And here is the complete poem read in Turkish:

Paris Musées

Elias Mokole grew up in the United States, but his cultural history is rich and complicated. It includes, as does that of many people, a story of language lost in an effort for immigrants to “fit in.”

Elias shares two poems with us this morning.  The first was written by Mahmoud Darwish and it translates to “The Impossible.”

Courtesy of Bencin Art Gallery, Pesaro, Italy

Dr. Ahmed Maamoun was born and raised in Egypt. He is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in UMD's
Labovitz School of Business & Economics

You can read the Arabic and English translations of The Flower of All Cities by Assi and Mansour Rahbani here.

You can see a video of the song, Zahrat Al Madaan by Fairouz, with footage and English subtitles here.

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Welcome to a new poetry feature on Northland Morning!

(poetry) celebrates the other languages that make up the rich cultural landscape of our Northland, through the medium that communicates it best: poetry.  We'll invite guests to share a poem in their native language, and find out what it is about the poem or the poet that speaks to them.