Ivy Vainio. Used with permission.

George has always told me seeing a doctor dancing would be healing for everyone and I discovered that meant me as much as anyone else.  

Thomas Peacock's latest book for children tackles a lot of adult themes: connection to culture, to tradition, family relationships and coping with sometimes catastrophic change.

But above all, it's a children's book in the best possible sense: it's embued with hope and, of course, delivers a happy ending.

A collaborative project with author Brenda Child, artist Jonathan Thunder and language immersion teacher Gordon Jourdain produced a delightful tale (in English and Ojibwe) of dogs and dreams and dancing.

Ivy Vainio, Grand Portage Ojibwe

We wrap up our week of Minnesota Powwows with Ampers producer Britt Amundt sharing stories from the 2015 Nett Lake Spring Powwow.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this series - our Ampers Partners, KAXE, KBFT, KKWE and KOJB for sharing their stories, and acclaimed powwow photographer Ivy Vainio for sharing her work that so beautifully illustrates this series. Funding for these stories received from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. 

Ivy Vainio, Grand Portage Ojibwe

 We are sharing stories all week about Powwows in Minnesota from our Ampers Partners and this morning we bring you another story from Irish American David McDonald with an outsiders look. What holds non-native people back from crossing the bridge, attending a powwow and learning more about Ojibwe culture in Minnesota?

Ivy Vainio

  This morning we continue our series on Minnesota Powwows with a story about the evolution and history of a traditional dances.  We hear from Carlee Kuhn of KKWE on the White Earth Reservation, a partner through Ampers, Diverse Radio for Minnesota Communities.  Funding for the content in the is series is provided in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.  KUMD also extends a special thanks to local photographer Ivy Vainio for sharing her work in conjunction with this series.


Ivy Vainio, Grand Portage Ojibwe

This morning we continue our celebration of the Minnesota Powwow with the basics.  What is a powwow, what happens, who will be there and more. Here host of "The Ojibwe Way of Life" Darryl Northbird of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe reports from our Ampers partner KOJB.  Listen tomorrow for a story about traditional dances, their history and how they have evolved.

Ivy Vainio, Grand Portage Ojibwe

Have you been to a powwow? Reporting from the Northland Community School in Remer, MN during their Annual Dance and Drum  Competition Powwow is David McDonald.  He shares some of his work for Ampers station KAXE, investigating why so few non-natives go to powwows.  Listen to first hand stories from this Minnesota powwow from folks who were a part of the grand entry that day.