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We've all shared the Facebook memes and posts about some plot to kidnap women and how they need to be aware of this and take X, Y and Z steps to be safe. That's just being thoughtful, right?  But people who work with victim-survivors say we're perpetuating the idea that the only way you can be trafficked is if a stranger kidnaps you, or that only adult women are trafficked.

And when we do that, we're ignoring the people - young people: boys and girls 12-14 years old - who ARE being trafficked in our community.


Katie Albert is St. Louis County's public health planner overseeing COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

She joins us this morning for a wide-ranging conversation about the County's progress through the first three phases of the highest priority groups for the vaccine, the need for volunteers, and how we find out who's next in line for the shots.

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Yesterday afternoon's  internet and cell phone outage made it that much easier to sit in front of the TV, transfixed, by what was unfolding at the nation's Capitol.

UMD's Dr. Cindy Rugeley, head of the Political Science department, pulls no punches in her analysis of the events Wednesday.  Demonstrations by thousands of President Trump's supporters turned violent and a mob swarmed the Capitol building.  One person was shot and later died.

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Dr. Mary Owen talks with KUMD's Lisa Johnson about the first rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. With a death rate in the native American population that is higher than the white population in the U.S., the challenges faced by the Indian Health Service (IHS) include how to distribute the vaccine efficiently, but also how to foster the community's trust in its effectiveness and safety.  

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The new commission being proposed for Duluth has a long name that could, in fact, be even longer: Non-Binary, Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Intersex, Asexual Commission for the City of

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Face it; you've always been just a tiny bit afraid of vegans.

According to the popular trope, electing not to eat or wear anything that comes from animals means you terrorize your relatives with what you refuse to eat at every family dinner, and hector mercilessly those who don't believe as you do.

Bonnie Ambrosi wants you to know these are not those vegans.

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Earlier this month, twelve of the 17-members of the  MPCA's Environmental Justice Advisory Group resigned after the agency approved a key water quality permit for the Line 3 oil pipeline replacement project.

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Lee Stuart, CHUM's executive director, is locked down at home with COVID-19.

And yesterday, she had to send out an email saying that CHUM had had its first positive confirmed COVID-19 case in the shelter.

But when you talk with her, she's (perhaps) surprisingly upbeat.