Record Snowfall

National Weather Service Duluth

The birds returned to the feeders this week, the green to the aspens and willows, and the spring ephemerals to the forest floor.

Oh yeah, and it snowed, too.

Elizabeth Nicodemus/Flickr

It's March 1st, the first day of spring according to the meteorological calendar, and once upon a time (prior to 45 BCE), it was the first day of the year.

But call it what you want, if nocturnal animals like flying squirrels are wandering around in the middle of the day trying to find something to eat ... there are a lot of other hungry beasties out there.

US National Weather Service Duluth MN/Facebook

The only thing better than the infographics on the National Weather Service Duluth's Facebook page are the comments.

Apparently not everyone is as excited as Larry Weber about breaking our 80-year-old February snowfall record.