Strong Towns

Chuck Marohn / Wiley

Chuck Marohn is kind of a rabble-rouser.

He's soft-spoken, but he's talking about turning a lot of things we thought we knew about communities, economic development and jobs upside down.

He talks about a post-Depression development pattern where short-term rewards provide a "sugar high" - but where there are long-term liabilities down the road.

He's not convinced that new growth and economic well-being are the same things.

He says macro-statistics: unemployment, GDP growth, the stock market - no longer reflect reality. And public policy needs to catch up.

Quin Brown @quinlanbrown/

Chances are, every politician you've ever heard run for a local office has talked about big plans, big dreams and big projects.

But Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns says the secret to building a wealthy city isn't big, isn't sexy and in fact, it's small.  And probably one of the last things you'd think.