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Tonight's (Wednesday, March 6) performance of Out of Our Minds at Zeitgeist is, quite literally, out of the minds of the domestic violence survivors you will see on the stage.

In their own words, 19 women share what they want you to know about their experience.

More information about Safe Haven's production of Out of Our Minds can be found here.

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Sarah Super was in a hospital bed awaiting the completion of her "rape kit": the forensic exam to collect evidence after a sexual assault.

Her ex-boyfriend had broken into her apartment and raped her at gunpoint, and Super realized there was no one she knew who would understand what she'd been through if she tried to tell them.

Almost four years later, Super has founded an organization called Break the Silence to give survivors of sexual assault a way to support other survivors.

Eleni Pinnow

The Pinnow family broke some new ground when they wrote their daughter's obituary almost two years ago.

  "Aletha Meyer Pinnow, 31, of Duluth,  died from depression and suicide on Feb. 20, 2016."