Tender Ness

Tender Ness

Duluth musician Peter Witrak performed his own blend of Brazilian-inflected jazz/lounge under the name Tender Ness. He released an album in 2016 and, rumor has it, is working on a new EP. We found out more when he and his band joined us in the studio on February 12th. They performed a Valentine's Day show on February 14th with Superior Siren at Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth.

Tender Ness
Sacred Heart Music Center

KUMD's Go-to Gigs 1/12

Jan 11, 2018
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 Har-Di-Har, Black Diary, and JRUNK*
Art/Pop and Indie Folk bands electrify your night with warming cinematic pop
Red Herring
Thursday, January 11 | 9 PM | $5 | 21+

Granddad, Mint Vintage, and Cave Light*
Punk, Alt/Rock, and Indie Rock Bands light up the night for your own kick-butt, music craving self

KUMD is turning 60, and to celebrate, we are gathering on-air DJs of the past a present and their bands to perform at The Red Herring Lounge on Friday, June 9th. This concert will precede our 60th Anniversary Celebration happening on Saturday, June 10th.

The show starts at 8:00pm and will feature performances by Rick McLean, Woodblind, Tender Ness, and Superior Siren.