Tiny Houses

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A 25' lot in Duluth isn't even as wide as two Volkswagen Beetles parked end-to-end. 

So when setbacks are required to be 6' on all sides of a house and the law requires houses to be at least 20' wide ... that makes for a lot of vacant lots in the city.

But Duluth's been updating its zoning codes to keep step with Minnesota's updated building codes, and that means good news for folks with their eyes on a vacant city lot.

One Roof Community Housing/Facebook

Duluth has more than its share of challenges when it comes to affordable housing.

Nicolás Boullosa [via Flickr]

  The annual Lake Superior Harvest Festival at the Bayfront Park is just around the corner.  We kick off KUMD's Sustainability Week with a conversation with Claire Hintz, the director of Lake Superior Harvest Festival, about what will be at the festival, notably tiny houses, an innovative and popular new way to practice sustainability.

©Center City Housing

On that warm, sunny Saturday a few weeks ago, Rick Klun stopped by to visit the resident of Center City's first tiny house.

The woman, who had been homeless for ten years and living in a shelter, was entertaining her daughter, and the pair had plans to head up the shore to pick agates.