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Scientists at Pennsylvania State University have discovered that caterpillars can "silence a tomato's cries for help."

You can read the article here and the actual research findings here.


1978's Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (which got 8 out of 11 "rotten tomatoes" on Rotten Tomatoes) takes a darkly comedic, musical-theater look at sentient tomatoes revolting (!) against humanity.

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In which we attempt to parse Tom Kasper's false equivalency between beauty and health -- and oh! the seed packets are back in the stores!

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Tom Kasper says gardeners are starting to think ahead to the "F word" - "frost," in this case - and worry a little that some fruits and vegetables won't ripen before the weather takes a turn.

But leave it to Master Gardener Tom Kasper to know just the tricks to allow your summer bounty to ripen on the vine instead of on a windowsill. 

Tom Kasper

Those weird lights glowing at all hours in Tom Kasper's basement?

Grow lights, trying to give his onion seedlings the 60-70 degrees and the 14 hours of daylight they need to grow into fine, big, grown-up onions.

That's our story and we're sticking to it.