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Behold the spiny water flea: a single black eye, a barbed tail, and it reproduces asexually.  Small fish, like young walleyes and yellow perch, can't eat it because of the spiny tail.

Then to add insult to injury, it turns around and eats the very things those same young fish eat - and out-competes them -  leading to slower-growing bigger fish. Plus it's decimating populations of the zooplankton that help keep algae in check and lake systems in balance.


Last week, the University of Minnesota-Duluth was trying to figure out how to support its international students, after a federal government ruling, announced July 6, that international students had to transfer or leave the country entirely of their schools went to online classes in light of the

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UMD's Dr. Dana Lindaman pays a lot of attention to what's going on in contemporary culture.

He has a friend and colleague in France and the two men collaborate on analysis of the politics and myths in our cultures - Lindaman analyzing the French and Jerome Viala-Gaudefroy looking at the American.

Lindaman also has a beloved older brother who is Black.

University of Minnesota Duluth

If the communication Tuesday from UMD Chancellor Lendley Black was a little light on details, it can certainly be excused.

Monday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that international students enrolled in a fully-online curriculum will be required to leave the country.

Great Lakes Aquarium

The Great Lakes Aquarium needs to feed - and entertain - their animals during this time and art is playing a major role.  Animals might not be singing for their supper, but they are painting for it. And Aquarium educator Emma Pardini is creating a Quarantine Animal a day.

Annie says:


"Publish or perish."

But if success in academia is tied to writing books and journal articles about your research and what you do, how do you let a wider audience know about it?

In short, can academic writing ever top a best-seller list?

Maybe not, but in celebrating authors here at UMD, it's pretty plain that there is no lack of talent - and fascinating subject matter.

The email from University of Minnesota president Joan Gabel wasn't a complete surprise to UMD Chancellor Lendley Black, but he only had a couple of days notice before it landed in the inboxes of faculty and staff across campus.

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Not all of us in northern Minnesota are insulated from the plight of immigrants at the US's southern border.

Students, staff and faculty have all been affected by the changes in policies.


It's no surprise that friends make your life better.

The folks that support you when things go bad, celebrate with you when they go well, make you laugh, keep you company - they're what life is about.

But for today's college students, leaving the familiar people and places of home is dauntung, especially since they may not be as skilled at face-to-face friendmaking as previous generations.

The solution?  The brainchild of a UMD alumnus and his UMD-alumni staff: an app to help you connect with good old-fashioned friends.

Black and White Image by Ken Bloom Japanese documentary photo series, Elderly Policeman with hands on hips,
Ken Bloom

This week, Director of the Tweed Museum of Art at UMD Ken Bloom retires. His dedication to local art, a growing Native American art collection and increased community programming will leave a lasting impression on the Tweed. But this is not the end, but rather new beginnings.  Bloom has shared that he is returning to his first passion, photography, and will possibly return as a guest curator. 


The Duluth Transit Authority is holding a public meeting this afternoon (Wednesday, March 27) at 1:30pm to talk about their plan to shut down three of their routes.

The Hunt for the Frozen 45

Feb 15, 2019
Frozen 45
Frozen 45

The Hunt for the Frozen 45 begins Sunday February 17! We have hidden the golden record, will you be the one to find it?

susana gaunt

The Tweed Museum offers regional exhibitions and curates shows from their extensive permanent collection, and they also host UMD student exhibitions.  2019 spring semester offers a full schedule of student shows, with public opening receptions happening on the listed Tuesdays, at 4pm. 

UMD art students bring thoughtful new energy to the gallery space sharing their creative ideas in one of their first solo exhibits.  Check it out. The Tweed Museum is located on the campus if the University of Minnesota Duluth. Closed Mondays.

Student Exhibition Schedule

Duluth Loves Local

The Duluth Winter Village brings merriment to the lakeshore at Glensheen this weekend.  The third annual, festive, outdoor, Christmas market is a celebration our life in the north and of the burgeoning community local makers, and purveyors in Duluth. 


Back in the day, the Congdon family converged on Duluth to celebrate the holidays at their favorite winter estate in the Christmas City.  The Glensheen Congdon Estate has continued to celebrate the holiday season in grand style and this year adds a family friendly addition to their holiday displays.