UMD Theater

University of Minnesota Duluth/Dept. of Theatre

In the COVID-19 pandemic era performing artists have been challenged to discover new ways to share their gifts with their audiences.  Some solutions, like streaming on social media, did not even exist two decades ago. 

Brett Groehler/UMD

The renaissance of Henrik Ibsen's play "The Enemy of the People" over the last few years has been so pronounced even the New York Times took note of it.

The 1882 script is a tale of what director Tom Isbell calls "the fractious intersection between self-interest and the common good" - or more specifically, between the environment and jobs.

Hillside Youth Theater

Antony Ferguson kind of grew up in the Hillside Youth Theater.  It's a theater-slash-academic-slash-life-skills program for the East and Central Hillside communities founded around twenty years ago.

Then around the time he started high school, he drifted away from the performing arts.

Now a theater major at UMD, it's fair to say Antony has "drifted back," and he's giving back, too, to the program that introduced him to "the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd."