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33 years after he published Birds in Minnesota, author and birder Bob Janssen returns with a revised and updated edition.

The bad news?  Bird populations across North America are casualties of climate change, habitat destruction, and cats.

The good news? Trumpeter swans, once extinct in Minnesota, have made a triumphant return and the Sax-Zim Bog preservation efforts are turning it into one of the premier conservation spots in the country.

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Honey and maple syrup might be better for you than sugar. They might be better for the environment. But even better, and sweet as anything, is how these natural ingredients taste and the wonders they do for a dish.

It couldn't have been more of a jolt.

Lifelong Minnesotan Anika Fajardo left Madison, WI in January to spend her break with the father she'd never met.  The last thing the college student, bundled for -30, expected when she stepped off the plane in tropical Colombia, was how it felt to be surrounded with people who looked like her.

Home, not-home, family, not-family, familiar, unfamiliar; Fajardo takes us on her journey as daughter, wife, mother, looking for the place she belongs.

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There are many stories about people getting lost in the forest.  But what happens to a forest when it gets lost?  This children's book tells the true story of surveyors mapping northern Minnesota in 1882 who misidentified 144 acres of old-growth forest as a lake.  That error wasn't noticed for over 75 years, and to this day those centuries-old trees stand tall as part of the Chippewa National Forest.

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Bill Sullivan spent years as a roadie with The Replacements, traveling with the band at first in the "lemon jail," a late 70's Ford Econoline van named Bert.   Their escapades are the stuff of legend, but even when things seemed dire, as Sullivan relates, "we were 22 years old and were having a lot of fun, really."

Sullivan's memoir Lemon Jail: On the Road with the Replacements was published in 2018 by the University of Minnesota Press.

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MN Reads has a conversation with Dave Page, the author of F. Scott Fitzgerald in Minnesota: The Writer and His Friends at Home, published by Fitzgerald in St. Paul and the University of Minnesota Press. 

They look like grasses but aren't.

They have "reduced morphology," which means they're hard to identify.

But not only are sedges and rushes an indicator species of the health (or not) of wetlands, you, too, can be stricken with "sedge fever"! 

Sedges and Rushes of Minnesota: The Complete Guide to Species Identification is written by Welby R. Smith, photographed by Richard Haug, and published by the University of Minnesota Press.

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Our guest on this episode of MN Reads is Michael Schumacher, the author of The Contest: The 1968 Election and the War for America's Soul, published in 2018 by the University of Minnesota Press.