White Pelicans

©JR Kelsey. Used with permission.

The vernal ponds that so delighted Larry last week suffered a setback for a few days: they froze over again.

But Larry is delighted to report ice out again, open water in spots, the call of a loon, a chorus of frogs ...

And all these riches can only mean one thing: the return of WIN-SPRIN!!

©Lisa Johnson

Larry Weber's not on social media, but its tentacles reached out to him anyway so he could answer the trending question: are there more white pelicans around here than usual for this time of year?

And here's some Phenology phenology: what we were talking about last year at this time:

© AJC1 [via Flickr]

Now that the snow is "officially" gone (according to the Weather Service), spring is heading into high gear.  Naturalist and author Larry Weber observes that early flowers are waking, catkins are appearing in trees, and many interesting birds and frogs are active in our midst.

This week's warmup has spring things bustin' out all over, from frogs calling to dragonfly and spider web sightings, to new migrants, spring wildflowers and white pelicans hanging out on the St. Louis River before they head north.

Lisa Johnson

April is unpredictable, says Larry Weber.  It went along predictably enough, lulling us into a false sense of security and then, predictably, it became ... unpredictable.

Michael Kensinger, Jeff Hahn

For the first time in 14 months - since February 2015 - we've had a month that's cooler than normal.

Lisa Johnson

Author and naturalist Larry Weber answers a listener's question about white pelicans and observes that the record temperature set in Duluth (taken by the lake, no less!) of 106 degrees, July 13, 1936 has not yet been broken!