The Simple Plate

"The Simple Plate" is a new feature on Northland Morning every other Tuesday at 8:00 am, featuring tales of local food made and produced by local people.

You'll hear conversations with local chefs and local food growers. We'll discuss food culture, visit area food events, and even share a few recipes.

"The Simple Plate" is supported by Whole Foods Co-Op of Duluth.

This week, we sat down with Jake Williams and Brigid Reina of Superior Greens, a microgreens company in Ashland, Wisconsin. Microgreens contain up to 40-times the nutritional value of their mature counterparts which makes for concentrated deliciousness. They can be spicy or they can be sweet and buttery, and every flavor in between. On eggs or on cupcakes, microgreens are a healthy and decadent food source. Jake and Brigid shared a recipe for a microgreen dish, check it out below.


Simple, Spicy Microgreens Pesto

Mark and Jillian Forte
Henry Elholm

For our premiere episode, we sat down with Jillian Forte, executive chef of At Sara’s Table Chester Creek Cafe. We dove into the importance of locally sourcing your ingredients, for moral and flavorful reasons, and a mysterious dish that both of us found compelling and delicious. 

Take a stab at the recipe below after you listen and learn about the mystical okonomiyaki