Tips for Hardy Gardeners

Gardening tips for Duluth's Northern climate, hosted by Master Gardener Tom Kasper.

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This morning, a conversation about gratitude, the abundance of the earth and the life-changing surprises the garden has in store for you.

Things Tom Kasper is pretty excited about: microgreens (eating and growing them throughout the winter), forcing tulip and daffodil bulbs (or encouraging them, if you prefer) and KUMD's new feature, The Simple Plate.

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Gardeners, apparently, come in one of two forms: the Oscar Madisons, who leave everything standing in their gardens, even after the first frost.  They like the idea of providing food, cover, and habitat for the little wild things in their years.

Felix Ungers, on the other hand, clear everything out of the garden and leave everything spick and span, satisfied they've not given any bad insect or plant diseases a place to overwinter.

So what should your approach be? 

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Tom Kasper talks about how gardens and KUMD feed your soul ... and offers a special thank you gift of his own.

For information on how you can donate fresh produce to the Damiano Center, you can find their contact information here.

Tom Kasper

Master gardener Tom Kasper offers some tips for gardeners preparing for separation anxiety as they say goodbye to their gardens for year ...

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Tom Kasper celebrates 22 years hosting Tips for Hardy Gardeners with reminders to water your vegetables if you didn't get any rain over the past few days, and that it's the perfect time of year to divide and share perennials.

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What's the best part of your garden?

Do you have a bumper crop of something?  Did you take a chance and plant something unusual?

Did it turn out bigger, better, prettier or more bountiful than you'd hoped?

Tom Kasper says now's the time to start looking at your garden and deciding which peonies, iris, bleeding hearts and other perennials you might be ready to divide and share.

It's kind of a bookend to the big gardening club plant sales at beginning of the season.